Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Sleep But Still Going

After a night of no sleep due to the weather conditions (snow and wind), I attempted to get out for work through the day labor agency, but with no success. With a day that was to be filled with snow again, many construction sites closed or cut back their workforce for the day. This was day 2 without work, but all was not lost. I talked with the main job dispatcher and she stated that it was good to see me back and not to worry, a work assignment will be awaiting for me in the morning.

Most work through this agency is in Park City, which is a ski resort area and now buried beneath 2-3 feet of snow, so you can guess what I'll be doing. I didn't have the right clothes for being outside in the elements for scooping snow, so off I went on another panhandling adventure. This time people were much more accepting of my situation. After about 4 hours I had received a great winter jacket, plenty of warm smiles and greetings, prayers, Taco Bell burritos and tacos (stood near Taco Bell),a warm blanket to use with my cold sleeping bag (will be put to use tonight) and a wonderful donation from a 10-13 year old boy.

The young boy's gift just floored me, and once again the water started to roll from my eyes. When he handed me the money, I thanked and wished him happy holidays, while also acknowledging the two adults with him. One of the adults stated, "The gift is from my boy and it is he's money and idea". Wow, I have such admiration for this child and I'm sure the Lord had a smile from ear to ear.

The day was a success in preparing for tomorrow's work, and I owe it all to God for delivering everything that was needed. This was a real lesson once again in trusting in the Lord for exactly what the situation required.

I stated before that I wouldn't be likely to panhandle again, but the need was there and I felt more comfortable about it today. God had put me to this test to see how I would react. Again I handed nearly every person who helped a slip of paper thanking them and inviting them to this blog. I didn't count how many I printed up, but when I handed the last slip out everything I needed was at my side, when I realize what just had happened a tingle ran throughout my body.

I want to thank everyone who trusted me and helped me out today, you were my love from God.

I say, " Praise you Lord, because this day just strengthened by love and faith in you 10 fold."

Today is Day 10 in The Purpose Driven Life, and the topic was "The Heart of Worship". The opening sentence is "The heart of worship is surrender". The first words that came to mind were; losing, unsuccessful, and defeat. I thought, "Man, surrendering is just giving up and watching your opponent take all of the glory and the trophy." then it came to me, "Hey, now wait a minute, that last thought did have part of what God was expecting me to do".

God wants us to surrender our self seeking and satisfying ways to become our true selves and allowing Him all of the Glory. We can do this by being obedient to God and doing what is ask of ourselves.

Well, this is one thing I thought I'd never be able to do, but yet, today it is exactly what I'm doing. I may be homeless but my life is beginning to have some meaning to it.

I always had the belief of being at the center of attention and needing to stay there, but lately by putting God there it has taken a huge load off of me and actually relaxed me.

Today I say, "Go ahead God take all of me because I'm yours. I no longer want control of this vessel, it's all up to you. I tried it my way and it didn't work!"

I need to grab some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's before I hit the keyboard with my head.

My Song of The Day

Mercyme puts it just like it is with me, "So Long Self".

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G. Brandon Hoyt said...

Hey I want to thank you today for giving us some insite on your plan for getting what you need for your job tomorrow. Sometimes people don't think that handing someone a jacket, or shoes will help, but it really can get them a job for the next day! It's good to have a plan...
Now what do we do when it hiccups?
G. Brandon Hoyt