Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Vision Is On Its Way

I received great news today that I'll be receiving new eyeglasses from the Salt Lake City Lions Club. I've set up an appointment for an exam later today and God willing I may have my vision back. It will be so great to be able to focus on my surroundings and enjoy one of God's greatest creation, the world which we live in.

Day four of The Purpose Driven Life is "Made to Last Forever" and I'm just starting to read it. When I finish I'll come back and discuss my experience with this chapter.

Today I've chosen a very popular song with all christians and it remains on the top of Billboard's christian music charts. This video is of Chris Tomlin singing"Made to Worship", is from the Passion 2006 concert, and just goes to show why Time magazine printed an article "Hip Hymns Are Him", everyone loves to sing his songs. I'm sure he'll be at the top of the christian pop charts for a long time.

Website Chris Tomlin

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