Saturday, November 25, 2006

Homeless With Meaning

Many may ask, "How can your life have meaning if you're homeless"? In my case it's possible. Throughout my life I've wander about with no purpose no direction, trying to be accepted through self glorified achievements. Today on this refreshing new journey with God in my sight, I see a whole new meaning to my life and life in general. I've taken the view that, as stated in Rick Warren's, "The Purpose Driven Life", It's not about you.

Yes, it's not about me.

Did I put myself in this homeless situation? Yes and no. I believe that there is a purpose for me being homeless. During this time I can learn how to relate to other homeless people and share this new journey I'm on, so that they may also change their paths and begin a new life with Jesus. Each day I'm learning from others who are homeless by listening to where they're at and their stories and not trying to bring my homeless story to the center ring. It's like a mirror, where I see my old ways of living without God in my life. The self-centered, self seeking, and it's all your fault attitude.

Will I be working with the homeless in the future? I'm not sure, but I do believe that homelessness will play an important part of me for the rest of my days on earth. This thought is actually giving some meaning to being homeless and a new direction. Each day I strive to do what the Lord wills me to do and work on becoming a more faithful servant to God.

Day 7 in "The Purpose Driven Life" is about "The Reason For Living" and in a nut shell I have explained some of this above. It's all about God and glorifying Him. We are intended to worship, praise, sing and pray to God, but we are also expected to enjoy, love and give ourselves to Him for our intended purpose.

Working on not being self-centered and living a life for God is going to require discipline for me and sacrificing my self gratification ways. I'll need to change everything in my life, and top priority will be my priorities. Today I'm at that fork in the road. Do I take the road to fulfilling my purpose by bringing glory to God, or will I choose my old self seeking ways and live that easy self-centered life?

Today I choose to work on bringing that glory to God, so that I may one day enter into the Kingdom of eternal life. My life has meaning, purpose and now a new found happiness.

Last night was way cool for me. During the hike to my camp, I had to stop and relish the lights in the valley. The new glasses I received yesterday are so awesome. I was able to see christmas lights, stars, the milky way, trees with limbs and the mountains were actually defined. If you can see it in your heart, please pray that I will be protected and warm during next week's expected extreme cold spell and snow.

Music of The Day

Audio Adrenaline has been around for 15+ years and they keep on producing great christian hits. In this video "Rejoice", Ben, travels the US and asks people "What makes you rejoice"? A few of them actually have the answer.

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