Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In Despair

Not sure where I'm headed with this yet but hope it’s in the direction of turning my life over to a new start.

After 30 plus years of alcohol abuse and living on the edge of totally losing meaning of life, I'm going to try and change it. Shit, it’s been only an uphill battle and now I'm not sure where it's headed.

I'm living outside on the hillside, homeless, above Salt Lake City. Today I found myself covered with nearly 4 inches of snow, but still warm in my sleeping bag. I really don't know where to turn, but I figure any change of direction will be a plus.

I've really burnt tons of bridges during my years and when I stop to figure out who my friends are, I find myself not able to think of one. I'm contemplating going into a long term rehabilitation program but not sure where to go. Today I'm looking at Seattle as a chance to gain a fresh start with the possibility of God entering into my life. Man this whole view may change in just a few hours after I start researching where to go and where to start at.

I hope to add daily posts here about how and where my life is going. Yea, kinda like those reality shows everyone watches. (What a waste, if you want a reality show become acquainted with your neighbors!) If you have suggestions about where to go for help or are able to help me get into a program in the Seattle area please leave me a comment.

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Thomas said...

I'm eagerly awaiting your next post.