Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Homeless But Not Lost

Today is one of my down and depressed days, feeling lonely and unloved. The one who is showing me love and guiding me through this day, God, is giving me the strength to pick up my head and continue on this journey. I really don't know where this path is leading me, but as long as I have the Lord, I will not get lost.

Today will be Day 3 in The Purpose Driven Life and I hope to post about it later. Last night I spent 2 hours reading John and soaking up what I had read before and never took to heart. This time I could actually visualize some of the passages and was able to connect with them. It actually put a smile on my face to know that He is showing me the way and I'm willing to accept it this time around.

I have been watching the weather each day, so I can prepare for any rain or snow. The last few days they've predicted no precip for atleast 10 days. Well today low and behold, the forecast for Turkey Day is rain and then turning colder with snow expected early next week. It looks like I'll need to find some kind of protection besides the leaky tarp I now have. I spotted a dumpster yesterday with loads of plastic sheets in it, I hope that when I find it today that the plastic is still there.

Digging around for new music today I came accross a video from John William Schlitt. This guy had played with (I'm dating myself.) a band in the 70's called Head East. (The Head East era was well known to me because one of the back-up vocals, Dale Krantz-Rossington, went to school just down the road from me in Indiana.) He then went onto a well known christian band in 1986 called Petra. It's so awesome to see the old rockers that changed their ways. John's song "Show Me The Way" is really fitting for may day. I hope you enjoy it.

This You Tube thing rocks.

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