Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lost Music in a Lost Day

Yep, the file hosting site I was using for my music files cut me off. I used to much bandwidth, now they want the green backs. Oh well, just went to another until I can get my own hosting. I've had to change all of the links here for music, so if there is a problem downloading a MP3 please let me know. In the mean time I look at todays accomplishments and find it was pretty much a loss, except for my reading in A Purpose Driven Life.

I will be attending service tomorrow at K2 The Church. This is a fast growing church that was first established in Michigan (Go Tigers and Lions) and has had a rapid growth here is Salt Lake City. Luther Elliss, who was a great defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, was instrumental in bringing this church here. I have attended a few services in the past, but not with my new outlook and faith in God. I hope to obtain a NIV bible there tomorrow.

I'll end tonight with a country song for Snog Dot and Thomas from Jerry Corelli called The Rock. Yea, I do listen to country (sometimes). This guy is a hero in my book. Back in 1992 Jerry brought a 5 year old girl back to life after he had found her being strangled by a stranger. You can read the account of this here.


Travis said...


If you need help hosting files I can send you some information on places you can use.


PS SNogdot's my dad.

Scott said...

Well, Travis as you can see I definately need a better free file sharing storage source. Any help would be appreciated.

Man that sure was some costume for halloween.

Scott said...

My email is on the index side now.