Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Seattle Rehab Programs

I've already made a couple of attempts to gain access to rehabilitation programs in Seattle by emailing the City Team Ministries and The Compass Center . Both of these organization have christian based programs which I found through a Seattle.gov search. I'm not sure what kind of response I'll receive since I'm not living on the streets in Seattle, but I believe this may be a step int the right direction. (Currently living on the streets of Salt Lake City.)

I also found another program that may be of interest called Fare Start, who educates those of us who are unfortunate and recovering from the past of drugs and alcohol. I think this would be great in providing me or others the opportunity to learn a trade. (I haven't had a steady job last longer than 1 year in the last 30 years.)

I looked at the weather report today and found that I shouldn't wake up to snow for the rest of the week. I do have a couple of problems tonight and that is trying to get into my camp without others spotting my trail and hoping that my bag didn't soak itself through while being in the stuff sack. I do have some dry clothes in a locker at the University and will dress warm just to be prepared for a possible soggy sleeping bag.

Man, this writing and learning how to change the Blogger template has actually helped me gain some self esteem today. I may even trundle into the city tomorrow to check my mail and find out if there are any day labor jobs.

The hardest part for the last few days has been trying to think positive and get myself out of this depressed state of mind.

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