Friday, November 17, 2006

The Sadness of Many

Tonight I read blogs and news articles about homelessness and found the thoughts of many throughout our world and nation are of corrupt and greed. Take the money that will be made on the PS3s, I'm sure these profiteers won't be handing out checks to homeless organizations. Those in Dallas who believe the CityWalk@Akard program will bring down the value of their properties and lifestyle. Are there not those with money who also can bring value and destruction down on human life?

Here enters my song for the day from a band in Crowley, LA, The Park Avenue Band is singing one of the greatest hymns I Cry Holy. This brings a chill to me as He reaches out and touches me tonight. Yes, I guess you can say the tears are rolling tonight. Is it happiness or sadness? Well one person knows and He is there for me tonight. Oh yea, I Cry Holy!

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Jeremy Gregg said...

Thanks for posting a link to Larry's blog -- we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.