Friday, November 17, 2006

Chugging Away

Another great sleep after staying up late. I received an reply from the outdoor gear company I had emailed yesterday about used gear. They don't donate on individual cases but do work with local organization, which is cool. Keep up the great work Black Diamond.

To snog dot, Thanks for the comment an email is on its way.

I'm working on a couple of resumes today along with an email to a local company for a customer service job. My goal is to find steady employment by the end of the month. If you could include this in your prayers, I would be very grateful.

Back to working on the resumes.

Keeping the smile on that God gives us, it feels so good.


Anonymous said...

Scott: I've (SnogDot) got a single person North Face tent and an Extreme Cold Weather GI surplus sleeping bag good for -20f. I just need some kind of address. I'll FEDEX or whatever, overnight.

Snog Dot said...

Send me our your resume.

Scott said...

email on its way with address and resume.