Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Still Working At It

Yea, its been a while since my last post and it has been a tough one. I've really been battling depression the last few days and today was one of the few that I could actually crawl out of bed. The last few days I've just been sleeping. Last night I made it out for a bible study that I began on the book of James. This in itself was God's way of re-establishing himself into the light and it made me feel better.

Since moving from the streets my life has been on a fast and rapid pace, which I'm not use to. It really was such a shock to my system. The first few weeks was like riding on a cloud then it burst and all things came tumbling down around me. The responsablities and trying to adjust to life of having a roof over my head started to present challenges I wasn't ready to handle, but today I've begun to struggle forward and most importantly getting back to God and not just doing the old pitty party routine.

I'll be working on journaling more here and hope to hear more from everyone out there.