Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cold Homeless Night

Wow what a cold night last night. The temps dropped into the low 20's and I spent the night without a sleeping bag. I was only out in it for about 4 hours but it was a real BRRRRR!

I haven't received a response from either of the Seattle programs I contacted, but that may take some time. I did receive an email from a old AA buddy who was concerned about my well being. Is that a work of God?

I will work on getting myself to a AA meeting this week even though I despise them.

My main concern is becoming well and having a chance to visit my grandparents soon. They rasied me from the age of 4 and they're in their 90's. The last I talked with them (last week), my granny was unable to hear me on the phone and my grandfather was having a hard time remembering much. I know that time is short and being able to see them before they pass on is of great concern to me. I haven't seen them in 7 years. (that hurts)

I will be going to check my mail today and try to get some of my stinky laundry done. These are things I have been avoiding along with staying away from people.

After my first post yesterday, I received a comment from Thomas. This was my first contact or any type of conversation with anyone for over 2 weeks. Thanks Thomas!

Well off to do a few tasks. (These tasks are menial to most people, but I've been having problems of motivation and being frightened of human contact.)

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