Monday, November 20, 2006

Our Giving Lord

Each night I walk to my camp above the Salt Lake valley, this walk would normally take 15-20 minutes, but for me 45-60 minutes. Why? This is my time to pray for the many who are need of prayer, the homeless, the sick, our troops throughout the world, and the people who I cross paths with during the day. I turn many times to view the lights down below (they all blend together without glasses) and sometimes think how lucky they all are, but now that thinking is turning to, "How grateful I am to have God as my guide."

I've been in the need for some glasses for sometime and was guided to the local Lions Club. I went to the Moran Eye Center located near my camp and was given a phone number to contact. After talking with a couple of people over the last week, I finally returned to the center explaining what I was encountering. Dee, a very helpful person at the front desk directed me to Cathy today, and you know, I'm on my way to receiving new glasses. Thank you Lord for those who are at the Lions Club and for all the work they do.

I had a neat conversation with Cathy (Lions Club), who was intrigued by how I became homeless. When most of the homeless or those less fortunate deal with organizations or needed services, they are sometimes just treated as another number and passed along. It was a pleasure to have someone interested in in my story and it gave me a since of being. I also got to share a little about what K2 The Church is about.

There is an interesting story in the USA Today about US food banks struggles for food demand. I was shocked to learn that in the last 5 years the value of federal help, in food and cash, given to US food banks has been cut in half. In 2001 food banks received $ 418.4 million and it is estimated that they will receive $201.2 million during 2006. Private cash contributions have also fallen considerably. So, if you can donate food or cash to your local food bank, I'm sure they would certainly appreciate it.

A great tribute to those who have and are defending our country on one of those sometimes unsightly graffiti filled boulders is in rural Iowa. Thanks for sharing it with us snogdot.

I'll be posting my 2nd day in my reading of The Purpose Driven Life later on today.

My song for today is The One Great Spirit from Spirit Highway.

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