Friday, December 1, 2006

Still Rock'n With Jesus

Yea, I missed a couple of days, but it was because of the recent blessing of some work. I did miss one day of reading in The Purpose Driven Life, but I have yet to be punished for it. Man, God is the greatest friend anyone can have.

Real brief, I'm working a temporary construction job in Park City, Utah, one of the premier ski resort towns in the world. It consists of having to leave Salt Lake at 6am in the morning for the drive and not returning until 6pm. It also means having to deal with some very cold mornings. On Wednesday and Thursday we had a cold front move through that dropped temperatures to -14 degrees in Park City on Thursday and in the single digits during the other days. Thanks to all of the gear that was loaned to me from my new found best friend, God, I stayed warm, dry and thankful for such a friend.

During the cold weather I was able to stay on the chapel floor of the local Rescue Mission. This meant I had to be in early so I had no access to the Internet to update the blog here. The weather has warmed back up so I'll be returning to my camp tonight to remove the snow and enjoy the stars once again.

Today was really cool, at work I left "The Purpose Driven Life" and my Bible out in the office. At the end of the day my boss inquired about where I had been staying. I told him about the Rescue Mission and my camp. When I mentioned that I'd been homeless for nearly three years and that I had now turned my life over to God, he respond with, "Yea, I'm trying to let go of running my life." He then stated he had seen my books and ask about Rick Warren's book. I explained that it was helping me to understand what God intends for me to do and that the biggest thing was that I'm now happier by letting Him run my life, rather than me running it into the disaster zone.

Wow, God has actually started to use me for a purpose and it just put a big smile on my face along with a shiver. I look forward to sharing more with my boss next week.

Tomorrow will be catch-up day for my last three days of reading, along with working more on the New Path project, until then I leave you with the song that describes our best friend.

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