Saturday, December 2, 2006

Walking The Right Path

Well, I made it through the day with God lifting me up every time I was in need and that wasn't many. I nearly accomplished everything I set out to do today along with something I didn't plan on accomplishing, that is loosing my flash drive. Yep, I left it earlier today in the USB plug here at the University of Utah library and unfortunately no one has turned it in. I had my name taped to the outside, if they open the files one includes a job resume which has my phone number, address and email. I just pray that the person will do the right thing. Wow, just imagine if that was a student's finals project with weeks of work, that would be a real bummer.

During my thrift shopping I picked up a used, in great condition, gore-tex REI jacket for $10 and a new polar fleece vest for $6, all to be used for work. This will leave me with a good jacket and vest for around town. You just can't beat thrift store shopping. I'll be trying out a new sleeping bag during tonight's expected single digit temperatures, it will be used as a liner for my existing bag. With these items and a new duffel bag for laundry duty, my evening times can be spent reading the Bible, posting here, research and promoting the New Path project and just enjoying time with God.

While running around today it came to me how my life had become so much more simplified since I started to follow Jesus. Truthfulness has left my mind at ease and not racing to figure out what I've said or need to say. Laying the self centered and self seeking life to rest and taking up the cross has just taken a huge load off my shoulders. I'm so thankful for my new life with God at the helm.

In The Purpose Driven Life, Day 11 and 12 both are about friendship with God. Day 11 "Becoming Best Friends With God", explains that He wants to be your best friend. By including God throughout the day in your work, hobbies, or menial tasks via prayer, is showing God how much you really love him and that He's your best friend.

I currently have no problem praying throughout the day and reminding Him how much I love Him and that He is my best friend. Today when I just need an ear, I turned to God, I go to the top of my friendship list for comfort. My past experience with prayer was only for my purpose or benefit and as long as I obtained what I wanted it was great, if not I was totally mad at God for not producing. I was just using God. Man, that is horrible. If some people would only pray or have a conversation with God as many times as they email, text, use chat rooms, or use the cell phone to talk with their friends, they would be building the strongest and best friendship anyone can have. This is where Day 12 comes in with "Developing Your Friendship with God".

If yesterday you were asked the question, "Who is your best friend", what would have been your answer? Until I mentioned above who your best friend should be, most would have come up with another earthly humans name and not God. This would have been my answer also up until about 2 weeks ago. You see all of my friends before then are in the bars hammering away and no having a care about or for anything else. Since I've turned my life over to God, I haven't had one phone call, email, or contact with them. This tells me how many friends I had before. Today I truly have only one best friend besides my grandparents and those who visit here and pray for me, of course it's God.

Even though God is our best friend, He can also put us to the test and give us wake up calls when we begin to wander off the path. These wake up calls are for our benefit. Remember having a great friendship with God is you choice and you'll only be as close to Him as you choose to be.

A verse which will be my verse to memorize next week, is Jeremiah 29:13 "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart", really fits in with Day 11 & 12 readings and everyday in my life.

I'll leave you tonight with another song. Man, I just love listening these songs, it's so refreshing from my old music tastes of AC/DC, Rob Zombie and others that now I need to pray for. The cool thing is that many of the Christian rock bands have former hard rock'n, party type musicians, who also have turned their life over to God. Long live Rock-n-Roll, Christian rock that is.

Tree63's song "King" gives you the answer who your best friend should be.

Since I've been writing this another prayer has been answered, my flash drive is now in my hands. Yes, God is great and I'm so grateful to have Him in my life. How about you?

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