Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Focused Life

I've been putting in long days at work, yesterday 11 hours, but God has given me this opportunity to make some money which will enable me to possibly put a roof over my head sometime next month. While at work yesterday I began to think that I may actually be more blessed by being homeless and without many worldly possessions than those who have homes, families and jobs with loads of responsibility. Without this load it gives me an opportunity to focus my life more on God and what purpose He has for me. I do believe that it will be working with the homeless or low income and have started to aim in that direction. This Friday I've a meeting with the director of spiritual growth from K2 The Church, Andy, and this will give me an opportunity to discuss my life with God more. For me this is cool, I've been wanting to talk with someone about a lot of my past and I believe Andy is the person who will help guide me in the right direction.

At work yesterday I had another opportunity to share my best friend. John, another parking employee ask how I could be so calm when confronted with the customers in rude ways. I stated that this would not have happened 3-4 months ago, but now since I've acquired and new great best friend it has really helped. He ask, "A friend does that?" I stated that yes the Lord has a way of comforting me and all I need to do is pray for that person who is having a bad day, when I do that I forget about what was just said. John went, "Wow, I need to talk with you more about that and try it out myself."

Its been great to be able to wake up warm the last couple of days it's so refreshing to not be shivering when I'm thanking God for another day. I'm off to work now.

Did you say, "I love you God", today?


John Lunt said...

Scott, I have a friend in dallas, who's homeless as well, named George. He's been homeless three years and has known Jesus 18 months. He could probably get into a home if he wanted but he is using the time to focus on Jesus and making disciples. He believes the streets are where he's called to minister.

Personally, I'd like to see him in an apartment, but I can't deny the mighty work God has done in this man who is humble, loving, giving and so clearly full of the Spirit of God.

However, in most cases, I believe the Lord wants to provide a place to stay, if for no other reason it is often difficult to remain healthy on the streets. I hope you can get an apartment soon. It's obvious that Jesus is at work in your life.

Just consider this. It's possible to get into a place, but that doesn't mean you have to chase the American dream. Keep chasing Jesus. You can still live simply.

God is really working on a lot of folks I know (including me) in that area. I've cut back on most commitments, I'm pretty much done with buying "stuff".

It really isn't an "either/ Or" proposition. So if you can get into a place where you can be warm in the winter, do so. Just choose to live simply.

Scott said...

Thanks John

I do hope to be in an apartment by the end of next month.