Thursday, December 14, 2006

Whew, That Hill

I guess I'm not the only one in Salt Lake that has been ill. I walked down the steep incline to a church which has a food pantry. It was only about 7 blocks down, but here in Salt Lake 7 blocks is about a mile. They say everything in Texas is Big, well here in Salt Lake a city block is a mountain in itself. I can normally trot right along but today even the walk downhill was a struggle after being sick.

Well, when I got the food pantry I found out it was closed because the lady that normally works there was sick. They left a note and gave those who had stopped by a couple of other options for food help. I then went to Crossroads Urban Center, where I was intending on going to for a clothing voucher. Here I picked up a "street order" of food which will help me out until I can get to another pantry, along with the clothing voucher. The Lord was with me because today was the first day that I could actually get food here. Crossroads will help a person out with a regular food order 6 times a year or a street order 12 times a year, which I'd used up long ago. You know I didn't even think about it, when I asked for the food the lady just went, "Wow, today is your first qualifying day for food." My reply was of course, "Thank you Lord!"

My "street order" consisted of a very healthy assortment of nutrition bars and drinks, spaghettio's, chili, and other items. Most of those who get the powerbars just thumb their nose, but me, I was use to eating them like candy when I once raced bicycles. This sack will get me through a couple of days, I'll return to another pantry tonight for a larger supply, which will help we out for the next week. The clothing voucher I'll use tomorrow or Saturday when I might have more wind in me.

The return trip was tough so I actually just stopped and bought a Trax ticket (train) for the ride up the hill. I would've never made it up that hill, just walking the last block up hill was tough enough.

Until I leave for tonight's journey to the other food pantry, I'll be catching up in The Purpose Driven Life and working on reintroducing an old website ( SL Streets ) I had last year dedicated to writing articles and providing valuable information for the homeless. I will also be sending out some more resumes today and hope to set up a couple of interviews for early next week.

A quick update on the New Path marketing program, I have found the ads to be to high of a price for me to currently pursue this at this time. I will be looking forward in delivering this dream sometime early next year.

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