Monday, December 18, 2006

My Best Friend

It was a warmed filled weekend, blessed with friendship, fellowship, and love. All of this, I believe, has been possible through my faith and love for Jesus.

On Saturday I went and had breakfast at St. Vinny's has we call it and on the way I notice a group setting up tables and food at the park, just a block away. While I was at Vinny's, I mentioned this to several others and some went over there.

At the park we found a cub scout group who had setup soups cookies and other great goodies, along with a warm welcome. It was just great to see the boys interact with those who showed up. The response from the homeless was slow and one gentleman suggested moving everything down near the shelter where most of the homeless hangout during the day to keep warm. I'm sure all of the scout's soups and goodies were gone in no time and that everyone who had a chance to eat was thankful for them. I also feel that many of those fed had an opportunity to meet Glen, who had a warm greeting and a concern about how and why many of us are homeless, along with giving out encouragement.

After all of the food I had an opportunity to partake in, I walked to work just a couple of blocks away. A family, who reads this blog, had emailed a couple of days before and we arranged to meet at 4pm Saturday, where I was given a new warm sleeping bag, sweets along with encouragement and a start for my new roof. I wasn't able to talk long, but after we departed and I had gotten off of work, the flood gates opened and my true love and thankfulness rolled out for my savior Jesus.

It is just so neat to see how many new brothers and sisters I now have and without my Father this all wouldn't be possible.

On Saturday night the winter storm rolled in with high winds and snow, but me I was laying in a new warm bag shedding clothes throughout the night. You see, I was use to sleeping with my winter clothes on, but within 2 hours I was down to just shorts. Yep, temps below freezing, wind blowing 20+mph, and snowing and I was enjoying it. No more shivering mornings, I'm able to put my clothes and shoes in the bag 30 minutes before crawling out and they're warm and toasty along with me. I had prayed for a warm night and I received it.

Sunday was God's day and I spent it, after sleeping in, going to K2 and listening to the message, Dave our pastor had prepared "A White Christmas". This was good for me as it just brought me even closer to the Lord. I knew that He is a forgiving Lord, but hearing that he actually cleanses us "whiter than snow", while that just even brighten my life and my love with God. You see, I still have some things to talk about and ask forgiveness for with Dave or Andy at K2, but now, knowing that we can be "whiter than snow", well that just makes my heart beat even stronger for Jesus.

Oh yea, the parking job is going great and you know God sure has granted me patience's with the holiday shoppers. I had 2 guys who actually tried to drive over me but I was able to hold my cool, look at them smile (sort of) and just let it pass. A few months ago I would have pounced on them and their cars. And you know it felt really good to just forgive them and just ask the Lord to give them some of what I was feeling.

Sunday night I went to the dollar movies and watched a couple of shows, the best being "Facing the Giants", which was suggested to me by a friend from K2. No big names on the billboard here, but my billboard was flashing "G-O-D". He sure has a way of leading us and delivering the messages at the right time. I suggest seeing this movie if you haven't.

The weekend would not have been so warm or great if it wasn't for love. Love from friends, strangers, church and most importantly love for God.

Oh my post title, well it something I'm sure I'll hang on to for eternity. My best friend of course is Jesus and I ask others who theirs are and it gives me an opportunity to introduce mine. The responses I've gotten, well, they have been great. Most people will come up with earthly names, but when I tell them mine, most will really smile. I just leave them at that point with a smile and say, "Next time when you really need a friend, try Jesus."


Travis said...


Glad you slept well. And that things are getting better.

Susan said...

I am new to your blog but wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are. You have more appreciation for your life than many financially affluent people. Many could learn from you.

You'll be in my prayers. You deserve nothing but good things in life.

Scott said...

Thanks for the trust and faith in me Travis. It has help me to rest in warmth now.


Scott said...

Thanks for the prayers Susan.