Monday, December 4, 2006

Enjoying The Moment

Its late and I'll need to get some rest for work tomorrow so will just post a shorty.

Today was Day 14 in The Purpose Driven Life, the topic was,"When God Seems Distant". I actually knew there will come a time that God will test my faith by leaving me to decipher my true feelings of God. Right now I'm just going to enjoy being the infant and having God answer many of my prayers, for I know this time is short before He puts me to a real test.

I believe even during my tests from God, that he'll still be there cheering me on or trying to point me in the right direction. I may not recognize these moments, but I hope that I'll put a big smile on His face, just as He does mine today when I'm puzzled.

Tonight's music is from Tree63, the song, "A Million Lights", is just what I view each night as I trudge towards my camp to grab some shut eye. During this walk, I reflect on what God has given me and what I have given Him. I pray for those who are in need and ask for guidence for my life.

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