Sunday, December 3, 2006

A Homeless Reunion

Today I went to K2 The Church for the late service (easiest to attend), when walking through the parking lot I noticed a person walking towards me. At first I thought I recognized this person, but he was still in St. George, Utah, or at least that was the last place I had heard from him. Well as a miracle was in the making and another was continuing, it was Joe. The last I had seen him we were both on the streets, he, drinking and just really ready to give up life in general, me, ready to stomp on with my self seeking ways. This was all over a year ago.

We shook hands and greeted each other, both looking at each other like, "Now what is the purpose of this miracle meeting"? I led off asking Joe if he was here to attend the service. He replied, "Yea, and I know someone who is attending here and was hoping to see them". I then told him about my recent surrendering of my life to God, and how it has lifted the weight off of my shoulders along with making my life so much more bearable. Joe responded with, "I just had to let some one else take over, because I was just ruining my life, and since then the miracles have been rolling in."

Wow (#1), here was a guy who was totally bummed out on life when I last saw him. It was great to see him smiling and all enthused about having a great job, drivers license back, and a vehicle to get him around, all because he had invited the Lord to take over his life.

I ask Joe who he knew at K2, and he mentioned some girl who served meals on Sundays in the park. I knew exactly who he was talking about, and asked if it was Suzy. "Yep" he said, "She said she goes here so I wanted to check it out and may be get to see her". Wow again (#2), I had met Suzy while also helping feed at the park. I too had been keeping my eye out to see if she may still be attending K2, but hadn't seen her.

Joe and I both went inside for a cup of mud, when in comes Suzy and a friend. Wow number 3. It was great to see the work of the Lord bringing together those that had shared a small past together.

You know God sure times these moments well. I was in the need of a boost today and this was just the ticket.

At the end of the message, Joe and I, were both invited out to eat with Suzy and two of her friends. Man, this was just awesome. I was able to set down and have a conversation about how God was changing my life, all of these with a feeling of joy, trust, love and honesty. This is just a glimpse of what God has in store for me and it is just awesome, out of sight, cool, well just a down right indescribable feeling.

Thank you Lord for this day.

Day 13 in The Purpose Driven Life, "Worship That Pleases God" went together with today's message at K2 about how God would like us to pray and worship Him. Many people use the same prayers over and over, not actually having true sincerity. God expects us to pray our own way, using our personality and background that He gave us. With me this means using the words, Wow, cool, awesome, hip, and another that some say isn't proper, "dude". Yea, I've always called some of my best friends dude and God is now at the top of that list, so I might say, "Dude" in the middle of thanking Him and telling Him that, "He is an awesome dude." This is just my personality, and I believe it is genuine in showing my love for Him. The most important thing in this reading was the statement that, God wants all of our love not just part of it as it states in Mark 12:30.

Each day I work at giving all of my love to God and trust in Him leading me through each day, all of this through my prayers and worship. This gives me such a great feeling and opportunities to view His work like the reunion I had today.

It was a, WOW! WOW! WOW! day thanks to our King and, "Yes He is one awesome dude."

The recent addition to my camp is, Ahhhh warmth, the extra sleeping bag kept me nice and toasty throughout the night when temperatures dropped to 10 degrees, but please keep on praying that someday soon I'll have a place to call home with a kitchen and bed.

My music for tonight needs no explanation, and the David Crowder Band just kicks it out. I heard this for my first time at K2 The Church and it just grab me. So here it is.


QuillDancer-Disciple said...

Scott -- thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad God is working in and thorugh you. I spent some time homeless, too. I know what you mean about not being cold. I said a prayer asking God to help you find that roof.

Thomas said...

I shall also pray that your days on the street come to an end soon.

joseph said...

SCOTT: I myself have been "what more does my higher power want me to do to now with my life?" Oh, puled a fast one on "GATEWAY" last night, I pulled my SUV into their underground parking lot across the street from the "THE ROAD HOME" shelter
\ for free,{haw haw}

Scott said...

Thanks quilldancer and thomas for the prayers.

nothing like camping for free.