Thursday, December 7, 2006

It's A Struggle

The past couple of days has left me with no work, I shoveled myself right out of a job. I'm looking at trying to get a job in the customer service area and have started my search today. I've earned enough to survive for a week or two of waiting for a check from a new job. The weather has been good to me and looks to not be to bad for the next couple of weeks. Man, God sure has looked out for me in the weather conditions.

Today has been a tough day for me, the old depression seems to be hovering around me and it has been a struggle just to hold the head up, but I know I have the comfort and strength of God and that thought in it's self has pushed me on.

I'll post my last readings of The Purpose Driven Life tonight after I get back from more job searching.

As I walk through this day I'll be thinking of the band Building 429's song "Fearless" as I struggle to hold my head up and feel good about life in general. The video is lead out by a verse from Psalm 112:8 "They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly" which will also be in my mind.


Thomas said...

I've experienced depression myself. It can be quite taxing. I was able to recover with a good support system, counseling, and some antidepressants to give me a boost. It's not easy, but I'm sure you'll find that the prize is worth the rocky road.

Missional Jerry said...

we are here with you and praying for you.

G. Brandon Hoyt said...

Hey Scott,
Missing your posts, gettin' work??

Scott said...

guess maybe part of the depression was just me getting sick.

I do have an interview Friday with Marriot for customer service for their vaction program.