Thursday, December 14, 2006

Don't Worry About A Thing

I'm sure everyone is familiar with a Bob Marley tune called Three Little Birds and the words to this described my day perfectly.Every step I took today was for a good reason and just when I would think what could happen next, God would provide me with what I needed.

Tonight I went to another food pantry, who's hours are from 5pm-7pm on Thursday nights. Man, that is great for those who may be working and not able to stop in during the day. Well, once again I was met with a closed sign, stating an emergency had come up. So, I snap a quick photo and started to head back up to the U, when it struck me that the Catholic church hands out sack lunches. Alright, here I come.

I walked up to the Cathedral who serves up a mean bologna sandwich or two. When I arrived another gentleman was getting his lunch, so I ask if I could get a photo of him accepting his meal. He stated I would appreciate if you wouldn't, and of course I obliged. You see many who are on the street despise people taking photos of them, some for legal reasons, others because they don't want their friends or family see them, or they just may not want to ever be reminded of their current situation. I did get a photo of those who were volunteering, handing out my hot cocoa, or so I thought. Man, I forgot to save it. Oh well there will be others.

After accepting my bag with extra sandwich,(you've got to ask or you don't receive, a year ago they gave you two sandwiches but many of them were tossed to the birds.) along with a heart shaped cookie, (which I felt was a little early for Valentines or way late) and my hot cocoa I took a seat on the bus bench to enjoy. There are so many who are going hungry tonight but yet I was blessed with this meal. Oh, and that cookie, it was just sweet delight, most likely just made today, even my granny would've been impressed.

While setting on the bench I called another temporary labor service to see if they had work for tomorrow and the quick answer was yes. I've got a job for 2 days parking cars at the downtown walking mall, which was built over the homeless peoples old stomping grounds, and I start tomorrow night at 4pm. That clothing voucher I picked up earlier today will come in handy, because I need dress slacks (go figure) for my uniform.

Man, I'm so grateful God doesn't judge us by what we wear. You know Job had it right, you came in with nothing and you leave with nothing. So what is the big hassle with all of these flashy material things? Oh what the heck, I'll have the slacks for a later time, I believe God has a purpose for them.

I'm setting down after I finish this posting, to start back where I left off on the reading of Rick Warren's, The Purpose Driven Life. I was going to try to catch up on the days I missed while sick, but you know, I don't feel I'll be punished for taking my time and getting it right.

So, as that Marley dude sang, "Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright", I'll be whistling and humming it throughout this night, while I smile thanking the Lord for this day and all he has provided. If you're not familiar with the song I've talked about, well here is the video with Spanish closed caption.

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