Friday, December 22, 2006

Trudging On

Another day of snow here in Salt Lake and a day of being ill and feeling really down in the dumps. The one thing that helped me to rise out of the sleeping bag was knowing that I have a meeting with Andy from K2 The Church.

Last night I attended the candle light vigil for the National Homeless Persons Memorial, where 42 names were read of the homeless that died during 2006. During the vigil I got to see a guy, Gary, who just 2 years ago was stabbed several times near the shelter, a person who lost homeless buddies. I know that he accepted the Lord last year and today he is doing so much better. He now has a home a smile and a purpose. Gary ask me where I was at and I explained with God and still camping out. He was concerned about me camping stating, "I don't want to hear your name read next year." This did hit me kind of hard because they stated the median age of those that perished was 48 years old, one year more that I am. I also saw many of those who help us out and they also seem to be very concerned for my saftey and warmth. To all of these I explained my new found love and that I was staying warm. They know that I'm one of those who will survive outside until the time comes for a new home.

The last few days in my reading of The Purpose Driven Life (Day 18-21) has been about the church and fellowship and it came just at the right time. You don't suppose someone had something to do with this do ya? Yea, with my meeting today with Andy, the spiritual leader for K2, it has helped me understand the purpose of the church and what I can do and what to look out for. You see I want to become an integral part of the church, learning how to take God's word to the streets. I need to find a small group to become a part of and learn how to trust, sympathize, share, and have respect with others.

I know K2 has a group for those having problems with alcohol and drugs and I'll be looking into this group today through Andy. I once attended AA but due to all of the gossip I found myself drift away and not trusting anyone there. I hope and pray that the K2 small group will be an answer for me because I do need to discuss my addictions with others and need to be able to trust them. I really look forward to my meeting today.

Yesterday I recieved a Christmas card from my grandparents and it contained a photo of them. Wow, did it really hit home. I had watery eyes but was thanking the Lord for knowing what I really needed. I've need a photo of the grandparents for sometime and now I have it in my hands.

Today I'm asking that all who read here to please pray for a family who is in real need of comfort, understanding and love. Snog Dot's wife has a brain tumor and the chemo is not working, the doctors are only giving her 3 months to live. I ask that you all stop today and take time to include this family in your prayers.

Well I'm off to meet Andy. I'll come back and let ya know how it went, until then, "Who do you love the most?" For me its God and even when I'm down and not feeling well, like today, I know He's there trying to make me feel better.


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