Sunday, December 3, 2006

Retailers Who Celebrate Christmas

I guess I've been in the dark ages about retailers who have eliminated Christmas from their marketing materials. Two days ago I noticed a blog stating that some retailers are avoiding the use of the word Christmas and use Happy Holiday this year, as a suggestion by the ACLU. The thought of this just got me jumping mad. I became upset that retailers were eliminating Christmas, when actually they should be adding niche marketing efforts for the celebrations of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa along with other non-christian celebrations.

I was ready to grab up the sword and go into battle with the ACLU!

After a quick search about the ACLU and the use of Christmas, the only article I could find written by the ACLU was, "How the ACLU Didn't Steal Christmas", which was written back during the 2005 Christmas season. It states at that time the ACLU had no lawsuits or other litigation concerning the use of Christmas. I did, however, find many articles and lawsuits against the use of Nativity scenes and other Christmas oriented forms of recognizing Christmas.

I kept my searching up on this subject and found a site Stop The ACLU, which is suggesting that the ACLU wants Christmas out of the retailers marketing plans. I found the "Committee to save Merry Christmas", which contacts retailers suggesting bringing back Christmas to their stores. They also had a list of retailers who celebrate Christmas and those who were not. After more searching I located an article stating that a couple of retailers listed by, as not celebrating Christmas had actually brought it back to their marketing programs these included Wal-Mart and Target.

I never found any strong evidence that the ACLU suggested retailers not to celebrate Christmas. Darn, there goes my battle.

For myself, Christmas is a time to show my love for our Savior by acknowledging His birth. I was into the gift thing when I was a kid but now see to much commercialism with Christmas, which has turned me off. This doesn't mean that I don't celebrate Christmas, because I will this year by thanking Jesus for His sacrifice for our sins and just spending time with God throughout the day of Christmas. My gift to others, is sharing our glorious God with them.

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