Friday, December 29, 2006

A Bowl Of Cherries?

As the days are beginning to grow longer so has my patience with my new life. God has His subtle ways of testing me and the last few days has been just a small glimpse of His powers. My cell phone quit working, the camera quit working, finding an apartment without a great credit history has been tough, and once again depression is trying to work on me. Life is not a bowl of cherries today, but I still know God is there directing me to the right path and encouraging me to take the right steps to avoid conflict with the wicked one.

God didn't intend for our lives to be without conflict and we are reminded that life here on earth is not heaven. Today my ways of thinking are gradually changing and its a real challenge, but a challenge that I'm enjoying. Yes, I'm truly blessed today even though I'm homeless and struggling slowing forward. Each day I look forward to focusing my life more on God.

I'll be searching for the right apartment for one more week, trying to find something that will be affordable yet live able. I just can't believe what some landlords call live able. One rental unit was worse than living outside at my camp, having open electrical outlets, bugs, broken windows and broken furniture, and he wanted $500 plus utilities. I'm also in the process of applying for a job at O'Currance Teleservices for inbound telesales position which will allow me to work at home after training, and I'll find out more about this next week.

The weather has been somewhat cooperative with not much snow or rain and temps have been moderate for this time of year.

I'm still working 6 hour days directing traffic at the mall and this continues to try my patience each day. I have found that those who drive hummers and expensive cars to be very inconsiderate of others and their saftey, and only seem to be concerned about themselves. I pray that this folks will pick up The Purpose Driven Life and just read the first sentence of Day One and implement it into their lives.

Again I'm off to work, for the next week it is still tough to get use of the internet so my posts will not be to consistant, however after Jan. 8th I'll be able to post daily and I look forward to this.

Today I give you a Chris Tomlin video "Enough" along with an interview.

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John Lunt said...

Your faith is being tried and tested but it is being purified like Gold.

I'm praying for you, for your walk with Jesus, the job and the apartment.

God bless you Scott in this new year.