Saturday, December 16, 2006

Shivering Sweet

Welcome to Utah and just hang around because the weather will change in just a few minutes.

Yep, its a proven fact. Yesterday saw temps reaching close to 60 degrees during the day, but by 5pm all had changed and temps dropped with snow falling. I noticed today a weather alert had been issued for a heavy snow warning from today until the morning tomorrow. This morning was the coldest I've been since the winter has started, I just can't seem to warm up and stop shivering, even though the temps aren't that bad.

Yesterday when I went to work at 4pm and the temps had started to drop, I felt that I wasn't dressed or prepared for it. Well, I was real fortunate last night during my job of parking cars and directing traffic the supervisor put me in the "Summer Garage". As the old Jackie Gleason would of said, "How SWEEEET it is!". Yea, the Lord was looking out for me. Nope, there are no beaches or palm trees here, but it was a heated parking garage. The good news is that the job will last through the holidays and I should be able to obtain at least 40 hours next week. Putting faith in Jesus Christ is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Today I'll attend a breakfast buffet served out at St. Vincent DePaul Center, run by Catholic Community Services. This is a great meal normally consisting of eggs, biscuits and gravy, sometimes some fruit and of course some type of sweet roll. The great thing here is that you can keep going back for more. The thing I don't understand the most is that many people choose not to go. I'll try to get some pics here.

Yesterday's photos, well that a different story and real short. They just didn't come out good or I forgot to save them. Oh well, I'm still learning everday, and actually I'm still what I will call, "Wet behind the ears" when it comes to being a child of God also.

I got back into The Purpose Drive Life reading and yesterday was Day 15, "Formed for God's Family". My understanding here is that God wants all to become part of His family because He loves us all. I can't remember what verse it is but I'm thinking of one that says something like, "If you do not know love, you do not know God, because God is love." God loves us all and he wants to have a relationship with us all and through our faith in Jesus, God becomes our Father. Being a child of God is such an honor, we are blessed with other great brothers and sisters, along with other great treasures, the most important being eternal life. I really liked this chapter and it has brought me to understand that treating each other as brother and sister is important. One thing that came to mind here is that some of our family is lost so it is our job to go out and give them a map or plant a seed to help them out.

You know here I am without many worldly possessions, but yet I'm able to walk down the street and hold my head up and smile, sometimes that smile is huge and giggly like and sometimes can be barely seen, but its there just as long as I'm thinking about the Lord.

I'm posting this from the downtown City Library so I won't be able to share any music today. The UofU went on its break yesterday so hours are limited there during the weekends (Sat. only and for 3.5 hours) and shortened on weekdays. This will go until Jan 8th, when the spring semester starts.

Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll be back sometime Monday, the good Lord willing.

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Lynn of St. John's said...

Thanks Scott for posting your messages,I appreciate having the opportunity to read your blog.