Monday, February 5, 2007

A Super Day

Yesterday was a super day, and I'm not talking about the Superbowl. I had a chance to discuss my housing with Pastor Andy and others at K2 The Church and fully have faith that God will present me with housing within just a couple of days. That wasn't the greatest thing that happened though.

At K2 The Church we were going to have a Superbowl party and watch it on the big screen, but God had another purpose in mind for the party. The NFL announced that they were going to come down on churches and other organization who showed the game on big screens and threatened with penalties. So, the food that was being catered in along with a huge support crew went to Pioneer Park and set up tents and presented the homeless and needy with a great catered meal. It was great to see many of my acquaintances and many came up to me wondering what was going on with me, because I was looking so bright and cheerful. So, I had many chances to share with them my new found love for Jesus and invited them to come and see for their self how great life can be.

It was just a super day to see the compassion that was being shared with everyone at the park. Clothes were given out, bibles handed out, caring conversation, unselfish love and care given, some even went to homes for the game, and there were many prayers said.

Many of those who came out to help were asking what do we do when the food runs out, I just stated, "He will provide". We ended up having food left over to give away for many to take with them. Now I pray that those who never witnessed this great type of mission that it touched their hearts and the needy will see more of them.

My work is going great, my health becoming more stable (mentally and physically), and my love for Jesus is just growing stronger my the minute.

This early morning I'm so grateful that on November 11th I said a prayer and told Him that I'm all His. Each day is so much better than before even my worst day doesn't compare to some of my best days before. This is not a life of partial giving, but just stomping on the gas to full throttle giving of my life to Jesus.

Today I'm rocking out with Jeremy Camp's "Take My Life".

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