Monday, February 26, 2007

The Faith and Love

Well some good news earlier about our friend Micha. He has been extended his stay with us all, and a new liver is on its way for a transplant late last night. It really goes to show us all that through strong faith and prayer that miracles do happen.

I got a few photos recently of the Valentines dinner that was served for the homeless women here in Salt Lake City. It sure was great to see the smiles on the 30 plus women that night and for the prayers that were given. It was an awesome evening.


Jennelle said...

What wonderful news that your friend is getting a new liver.

Praise the Lord!


Nathan Patrick Dell said...
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Scott said...

Have you investigated this matter? If not, why implicate some one you don't know?
I don't know personally what you are implying, but will try to get to the bottom of it.
Meanwhile Micha was last in surgery for his transplanet after 22 hours they wrapped him up and the docters had to take a break.
If you get a chance check out his blog.


Scott said...
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