Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Last Day

Well a today is the last day that I'll trudge up the hill being homeless. Thanks to the many people who prayed and carry out the work of our Lord I'm moving into a home today.


I took a few last photos as I walked away with my Detroit Tiger hat on! Yea it will be a real emotional day today. I've got many things to do, like go get a bed!

I'll write more later tomorrow, just have ton to do today.

Love ya Lord!!!


Jennelle said...

Praise the Lord, what a Valentine's Day gift from "Him", huh? :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!


Susan W. said...

Oh, Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you, Scott. Happy Valentine's Day!

Scott said...

The Love of Jesus is so Great!

mary said...

Wish you well as you make the transition from homeless to homed.

Nathan Patrick Dell said...

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Feb 27, 2007 | 9:53 AM
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Edit | Delete I recently had a very different experience at K2 the Church. Our son was invited to go camping with the Director of Adventure Canyon and several other children from from the church. They were supposed to go to Moab. When they returned the little ones piled out of the Jeep and started to tell me and my wife all about their adventures. It was and remains to be a very disturbing experience. He took the children on a four state journey without a chaperon and without the permission of the parents. We had no idea where our son and the other children were for the entire weekend. Transporting children across state lines without the permission of the parent is a federal offence. The first night he received a speeding ticket. Then he took the boys to a casino. Later they went to a hotel where they all went swimming late at night. Since they were not prepared for this they did not have swimming trunks. Sollution? Skinny dipping in a public pool. When they finished they all slept together in the hotel room. I was extremely upset by this and confronted this person and the church leaders. This person admitted to me and my wife that he did have a problem with pedophlia. Later we found out that he had been investigated for the same behavior before he was hired as the Director of Adventure Canyon at K2 the Church. They still hired him. After this he was removed as the director. They rewarded him with a mission trip for one year to Honduras financed and facilitated by the church ministering to families! Families have children. They also gave him a lavish going away party and no one was told about any of this. How can parents make an educated decision about child care if they are not warned? Our family has been devastated. We were ostrasized by the leaders of the church , our son and none of the other children ever received counseling. To this day they will not return my calls. We were simply trying to do the right thing. Please be careful when choosing a church. A flashy package and a new approach can never replace integrity and it is my sincere desire that this does not happen to your family. Sincerly.. Nathan Patrick Dell

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