Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Homeless Valentine

Yesterday was a day of Love, Valentines Day, and we were able to share the love of Jesus with nearly 30 ladies from the shelter. Bonnie S. a member of K2 The Church came up with the plan of serving these ladies with a meal and love about a week ago. She had no idea where any of the items needed for this mission would materialize, and through prayer and faith a lovely evening was had.

Many members from K2 gathered at a local resturant, Big City Soup, which donated their services and dining area for the evening, to decorate and prepare a meal. Clothing was brought in, hygene products, pampering products and of course Bibles by the piles. At 7:45 approx. 10 women and 10 men walked a block to escort to their Valentines Day date with the Lord.

It was just so awesome to see their faces light up as we walked in. Many of the women had put on their best (many dresses and suits were donated earlier this week) for their date. There was a gentleman, Gibb, who really caught their attention, and one lady spoke up quickly and stated, "Oh yea I want him to be my escort tonight". As we all became aquainted with eachother while waiting for all of the ladies to show up, you could just see how Jesus was working to calm their nervousness about this night.

We escorted the ladies to the meal, some grabbing ahold of arms of the men available and some wishing just to walk with another lady or maybe even alone. You could just feel their excitement vibrating. They were all seated with other ladies from K2 where endless converstion and love was shared as this was a night for all of the ladies to be loved by Jesus.

Many prayers were said, trust and faith was built up and the Love of Jesus could be felt throughout the night. Tears were shed, smiles grew bigger, and the calmness of Love spread into the air.

As the night came to an end some were reluctant to leave this awesome time, but you could see that Jesus had truly touched many and that His Love was throughly enjoyed. I hope to share some photos of this great event within the next couple of days.

This is the start of many projects that will be happening for the Salt Lake City homeless population. We all are looking forward to helping spread the word of Christ and I for one am excited to see some of these needy people walk into the light of Jesus.

Yea, I've begun to settle into my new diggs, what a change from the homeless lifestyle this is. I can now wake up a jump in the shower while hot coffee is brewing. It is just AWESOME! We nearly have my office setup for my work and today most likely will be the last time I post from here at the UofU library. The U has been very instrumental in my advancement with my new life and I'm very grateful for the use of their library and other facilities which made my life on the streets bearable.

Today I've picked out a song from TobyMac, a christian rap artist, "Burn For You" is really explaining what has begun to be a wonderful journey. You see, I'm a brand new man, and I do want the world to know that I burn for HIM!

This video has all of the words to this song and I hope that it grabs you as much as it has me.

Oh yea, I'm looking for a new subtitle for this blog and if you have any ideas please leave me an email or comment. This journey is only just beginning and I hope to continue sharing it with any and all who come here.


Thomas said...

How about "A Former Homeless Man's Journey To A Purpose Filled Life"?

Jawdy said...

"One Man's Journey to a Purpose Filled Life".

Nice job putting things together. I enjoy reading about your journey. Godspeed!

Missional Jerry said...

One Mans Journey of Purpose to help the Homeless

Scott said...

I'll be allowing some of my brothers and sisters at K2 The Church to choose the subtitle this weekend.

Thanks you all

Jennelle said...

What an awesome thing that they did for those who are homeless.

I just started reading your blog recently and wanted to say how happy I am that I found it.

You have a real gift for writing and well, I just wanted you to know that I enjoy reading your blog!


Sorry - I can't think of a new name for your blog. I guess I'm not all that creative. *lol*