Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Watching Over Us

Yea, it's been a real tough time trying to end the homelessness I've experienced. After umpteen applications, many bus rides, who knows how many blocks walking, being told, "Well, I chose another person today", "I won't rent to your kind", or "where have you been for the last 3 years?", I believe that today is the day. He has been letting me know that it will become true today!

What? Moving off the hill will actually be a heart felt moment. You see after close to 4 years, that hill has become very close to me, and today it may just be part of my past.

As I bow down before Him I ask that you, keep up the prayers throughout this day, I have a feeling they will be answered.

Oh yea! God is watching over US!


Thomas said...

Great to hear that you may finally be getting a roof over your head, Scott! You really do deserve a place to call your own.

SusanW said...

I agree! I am so happy for you, Scott.