Friday, February 23, 2007

Grace With Confusion

Well yea, I'm running around and still confused. Not homeless anymore just a whole different life. Not use ta the people coming up and say "Hi". Oh well just Love It.

I went to what they call the "Crash Course" (Crash=Rhinoceros) it's going to be fast and furious. The fire has just got a flicker of what will BE! Hey, He is Great and those of us who serve Him have only just begun. I can't imagine what will happen in the next few weeks.

Have you ever just imagined like the old school of John Lennon?

Hey, that was good, but did he ever realize what the imagination was all about?

I'm not trying to tell you all that it's just peaches and cream, or a bowl of cherries.


But this cool wave is just rolling and I pray that those on the street tonight will remain warm and nourished by through the works of God.

Just got an email from a house of God I once attended, and a friend name Micha is not doing well. You see, he had a organ transplant just about a year ago and, well, he has really touched many people out here, including me. Please pray for our brother Micah.

The email.

Dear Saints,

This email comes with a heavy heart. It's about 3 PM on Friday and Jeanne McInroy just sent this to me concerning our dear friend Micah Coleman -- a friend and member of The Rock Church for years -- who underwent a liver transplant a little over a year ago. As you may know, he has been in and out of the hospital since that time. He's not doing well. His faith may become sight today.

From Jeanne:
"Please pray...I just got a phone call informing me that our dear Micah's lungs are filling with fluid faster than the doctors can pump it out. He has only hours, if not just minutes, left to live. Pray for peace and comfort for Micah as God takes him home. Pray also for Becky, Micah's mom, and his grandfather, that they would feel the arms of the Almighty envelop them as they say good-bye to their precious son and grandson."

Even if you don't know Micah, you need to see a bit of his heart and love for God. I found this post from Micah on his blog dated Jan 4, 2007 (


The cool thing about all of this unknown when it comes to numbers, and strength, and transplant concerns. I still know that God is in control of it all. Some might be quick to think that God doesn't care, or he should have fixed it by now. But God has not abandoned me, He is not slow. If the miracle comes to fast I might not recognize it, if it comes to quick I might not appreciate it. Is that the reason behind all this time and sand? The promise land is just ahead, around the next corner. If I give up the fight now I and turn bitter and turn on God because it the easy thing, I might never see how close I really was from being out this. Two weeks turns into 40 years.

Job 1:20-22
“At this, Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head. Then he fell to the ground in worship and said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.” In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.”

All things work together for God’s glory!

As for me and my house: “We will serve the LORD our God and obey Him.”


Amen! Please pray.



As it says in Psalm 145:3-5 "Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise. No one can measure his greatness. Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power. I will meditate on your majestic glorious spender and your wonderful miracles." He is just Matchless.

The confusion will always be there, but the love I now feel is just so great.


Jennelle said...

I'm praying for Micah!


Nathan Patrick Dell said...

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Edit | Delete I recently had a very different experience at K2 the Church. Our son was invited to go camping with the Director of Adventure Canyon and several other children from from the church. They were supposed to go to Moab. When they returned the little ones piled out of the Jeep and started to tell me and my wife all about their adventures. It was and remains to be a very disturbing experience. He took the children on a four state journey without a chaperon and without the permission of the parents. We had no idea where our son and the other children were for the entire weekend. Transporting children across state lines without the permission of the parent is a federal offence. The first night he received a speeding ticket. Then he took the boys to a casino. Later they went to a hotel where they all went swimming late at night. Since they were not prepared for this they did not have swimming trunks. Sollution? Skinny dipping in a public pool. When they finished they all slept together in the hotel room. I was extremely upset by this and confronted this person and the church leaders. This person admitted to me and my wife that he did have a problem with pedophlia. Later we found out that he had been investigated for the same behavior before he was hired as the Director of Adventure Canyon at K2 the Church. They still hired him. After this he was removed as the director. They rewarded him with a mission trip for one year to Honduras financed and facilitated by the church ministering to families! Families have children. They also gave him a lavish going away party and no one was told about any of this. How can parents make an educated decision about child care if they are not warned? Our family has been devastated. We were ostrasized by the leaders of the church , our son and none of the other children ever received counseling. To this day they will not return my calls. We were simply trying to do the right thing. Please be careful when choosing a church. A flashy package and a new approach can never replace integrity and it is my sincere desire that this does not happen to your family. Sincerly.. Nathan Patrick Dell
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