Sunday, February 11, 2007

Could It Be!

My hopes and dreams for a roof over my head have been a real roller coaster ride for the past couple of weeks. The struggle of trying to convince landlords that I'm worth the risk to rent to was a real challenge and one I pray that I'll never face again.

Will the sub-title of this blog be changed forever in just a few days?

I met with the a person today who attends the same church as I, and it looks real promising. He wants his roommate and I to meet each other just to see if we'll be compatible, but I do feel that the chase for a home is done for at least a few months. This couldn't come at a better time, just when I'm preparing to start working on some type of ministry for the homeless.

During the past few months I've been fed, given drink, clothing, warmth and nursed to health. Those that have seen to my needs during this time must always know that by doing this they were actually do this to Jesus. Just as it says in Matthew 25:35-40 those that have prayed and helped are truly the blessed.

What a great life this is and it is only getting better by the minutes. Three years ago or even just 4 months ago I would have told you that it wasn't possible and that I was destined to just blow away with the dust. Today I can tell you miracles do happen, love is really out there, hope is standing right next to you, and this glorious feeling is just so awesome.

Each day as I learn more of how to live this life as Jesus would, I look forward to sharing it with others. Tonight I ask that you pray for all of those throughout the world that are in need of housing, food, medical, water, clothing or love, that their needs will be met. I also challenge you to go out a become familiar with the homeless needs and to show some compassion by befriending someone in need.

A song from Chris Tomlin just says it all for me tonight.

Awesome Is The LORD Most High!

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Jennelle said...

I'm so glad that you now have a home [Praise God!]

Please though, keep writing about the homeless as I believe that the more people read and see what the homeless go through ...

that they will be more willing to reach out and help them.

Thanks so much for sharing with us!