Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Dark Cloudy Homeless Day

Just when I felt that the light was really going to shine today, it was covered with dark clouds and I still remain homeless.

The apartment property manager I was to meet today at 11 a.m. never showed or answered his phone. He had stated that even with poor credit and no rental history all I needed to do was show him how serious I was. Well after 45 minutes of waiting and a dozen phone calls, I had to abandon that hope once again.

Grabbed the phone and went to work on the search again, after a dozen or so calls, I found another possibility. The girl stated once again they needed an application fee. I bussed out to pick up an advance from the person I work for and his wife took me to the apartment for the viewing. Well, the place was alright, needed some cleaning, but when I asked how soon after putting the application in would I be able to move in. She had told me all they needed to do was verify employment. The girl said it would be a week or so before they would go through the applications. Yep, been there done that to the tune of $60, this time the $20 stayed in my pocket.

Laura and I got busy on the phone once again and after several calls, set an appointment for tomorrow morning.

Yea, I'm still gratefull for Jesus and all He does, but today He sure blocked the light out and things are a bit cloudy. He will still remain my "Strong Tower" just as Kutless sings it.

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Susan W said...

I pray something opens up for you soon. You have waited long enough! ((HUGS))