Saturday, February 10, 2007

Another Homeless Struggle

Well, no home yet. It seems that having no rental history for the last three years is slamming the doors on me, and the market here is very demanding.

On Valentines Day I've been ask to help serve a dinner for the ladies who are staying a the shelter. It'll be great to share God on this night and I hope the women will enjoy the meal and love that will be shared with them. I'll also be speaking on Thursday night at a local Lions Club dinner, about their Gift of Sight program. It will be an honor to share with them how much the new eye sight has changed my life and other also.

I do have a possible place to move to this weekend. A guy has just came back from a mission in Russia and he emailed me a couple days ago stating that it may be possible to move into his basement for a few months. I'll be contacting him later on today and pray that this maybe a new place to rest my head.

Today I'm listening to Switchfoot and believing that salvation is here and that I no longer need to run from this life but just embrace it along with Jesus.

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