Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Believing In Me

The smile is back on even though things haven't changed, except for my deepened love for Jesus. Yea, I thank Him for believing in me.

Last Friday I had a real experience that I didn't share. I was walking to grab the train carrying my bible when 2 young men walked by and said something. On this day I was in a very frustrated mood and wasn't being to receptive of others, but I did turn and ask what they had said. They both turned and came back towards me while threatening me stating, "We're going to kick your A**, you bible beater.", among other things. When I had grab control of my temper, (I really wanted to just jump into their faces.) I told them that I wouldn't beat on my bible that was why I was carrying it, because I didn't want it to get scarred up in my pack. I also stated how I was living on the streets and explained how the Lord has helped renew my life and hope. They were in shock and really didn't know what to say. That is where I left them, while praying that maybe the seed I just planted will grow and not blow away.

Wow, how could I forget to tell someone about a incident such as that. The thought here is, even when I was at one of my lowest during my new life, God was still doing great work through me. He never gave up and didn't sit and dwell on my past, He took hold and let the words spill from me without no fear. Yea its cool and I do thank Him for believing in me.

I will be pounding away today on the housing issue with over a dozen calls to make today and a ton of prayers supporting me. Life hasn't gotten any easier, it just became more loving, with better choices.

So as I walk through this day I look back on Friday and all of the days since the change in my life and I'm going to "Shine", just as the song from NewsBoys. I want everyone to wonder why I can still smile and I'm prepared to let them know if they so ask.

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Susan W. said...

Good for you, Scott. I hope it gave those guys something to think about.

I pray you get an apartment soon.