Monday, January 8, 2007

Abandon The Ship?

I got back in town last night from my trip to Saint George, Utah and was really wore out. The business conference I attended was a real barn burner and has gotten my hopes up that a purpose in my life is now being developed. There was over 1500 people that attended and most were believers in Christ. The business deals with the largest online shopping site and how to become a part of it and most talked how God and is playing the major role in their new business development. On Sunday they even had a service before the leadership meeting where more than 25 people step forward and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. This brought tears to my eyes as I watched these souls being renewed. I feel that this new opportunity will enable me to help others find God and to strengthen my trust and belief in Him while developing my purpose and character.

God is still really testing me, I haven't received my day planner and contents from whoever found it and still pray that they'll do the right thing. My greatest loss was a photo my grandparents had sent for Christmas, because it was the only one I've had for over 3 years and I enjoyed opening the day planner just to remember them. Oh yea, the money, well that can be replace along with my ID, social security card and other important papers.

Today I found myself trying to get into an apartment. I have found a dorm style room just accross the street from the university, that would really fit my current needs for 6-12 months. I have tried to contact Pastor Andy but still haven't heard back from him. I know he just returned from a vacation and I'm sure I'll hear something soon.

The rest of the day was one test after another. I tried to get into my PayPal account but I'm being rejected and after contacting the main office they were still unable to allow me access. I changed my password recently and its not working, then when I tried to use the ID verification form it rejected my info. Customer support now is requiring me to fax something that has my current address on it. Well, I can't get my mail without an ID at either of the places I use for an address. I went to get an ID and they also are requiring me to bring in something recently mailed to me. I've explained my homelessness to both PayPal and the Utah drivers license division but have been left out in the cold. I've also been contacted about new jobs, but again I'm unable to get a job without ID and a social security card. Oh and the final object to be turned upside down was my camp. Some person came in and went through all of my belongings leaving most of it lay out in the elements during our last snow storm to get soaked. I'm not sure if my new warm sleeping bag will dry out by tonight but I do have a light summer one (I took with me this weekend) that I'll try to get by with. I guess the old saying, "When it rains it pours", holds true for my current situation.

Does this mean I'm going to abandon the ship?

NO WAY!!!!!!!!

I still am praying and staying in God's word. I know this is all happening because He wants to test my faith and trust in Him. Yea, it can be real hard at times, especially today as my stomach has been tied in knots all day along with disorientation and confusion.

A little music from Steven Curtis Chapman, "God is God", reminds me that I'll never fully understand all that He does and why He does it, but if I just remain steadfast in trust and faith for Him, that my life will be okay.

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