Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tearing It Down To Rebuild

Miracles happened through Jesus on the Sabbath and continues to do so. Today at K2 The Church, while everyone was singing, a message was given to me from our Almighty Lord. You see, during the past week I have been somewhat trouble about what has be going on in my life and today He told me that I'm going through some pain of being torn down so I may be rebuilt for the purpose He has brought me here on earth for. As I shared this with other members from the church, I also learned that even after spiritual growth this still occurs, which is all new to me.

This,I feel, is a blessing to see that even when I thought I wasn't maturing any, that God was actually still working on me. He hadn't just taken a few days off, but was trying to tear away the corrupt way of my past life to make way for this new journey. The pain I felt in the past few days is something that I would have normally masked through the use of alcohol, but not so today, thanks to Him.

The message He sent me today was not the only thing that happened today. My new work will require me to get a computer, which I've been praying for. I spoke to Pastor Andy before the services and was informed he was already working on it. Between the 9am service and 10:45 service I was talking to a person I met during Christmas dinner and mentioned that I was praying for and looking for a computer. Kevin then stated he had just bought a new PC and that I was welcome to have his older one. Wow, another prayer answered and I hadn't even made it out of the church yet.

Today's message at church was "iWant", part 2 of the iLife series, and it dealt with how we all want stuff out of life, rather than giving back to life. The ideal of wanting actually makes us feel more independent when we get it, but giving makes us more like God. We all want to make an investment for our future, when giving is actually an investment for our future through eternity. Many of us want that treasure at the end of the rainbow, but our treasure is actually where our heart is.

Where is your heart today?

Our nation is rich and many through money, some of the less fortunate are very rich also, through their heart. No matter which we are, we can all be blessed by the greatest of all treasures through giving and sharing with others. (1 Timothy 6:17-19)

Something interesting I learned today:
$8 will buy 2 cups of coffee here in the US and in the Honduras it will buy 25 fruit trees.

$73 will buy 6 CD's in the US and in Uganda it will pay for a mobile AIDS clinic.

We are truly blessed here in the US but yet many still want more and have forgotten that it is by giving that we acquire more love from God and the true treasure of eternity.

Today when I awoke it was -2 degrees where I'm camping, but yet I was warm due to the fact of the warm sleeping bag I was blessed with over the holidays. I hope to be off the streets in a few days and pray that last night will be the last cold, frigid night I spend on the hillside. In return I also pray that all through out the world, those who are in similar circumstances find warm clothing, food, sleeping items and or housing along with the warmth of God.

Turning my life over was the greatest thing I've ever done. It's not been easy and the "stuff" not many, but the treasures I've received is just awesome and I feel truly rich in spirit, warm at heart and loved by our Lord.

I've really been blessed and thankful that He has taken me back and the song "Take You Back" from Jeremy Camp fills the words in for what has went on in my life and what is going on now.


Thomas said...

Congrads on hopefully getting off the streets this week, Scott. It's been a long time coming.

Susan W. said...

Continuing to think positive thoughts for you, Scott. It's time for life to really take a turn for the better!

Scott said...

Thanks, Susan and Thomas for the continued prayers.

Jania said...

Good for people to know.