Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Roller Coaster

Its been a tough week and everything doesn't seem to be getting any better. My basket of problems only seems to be getting bigger since trying to leave the streets. On Monday evening I had another seizure, putting me in the hospital for a one night stand. I then missed the appointment for a chance at an apartment the next morning and it was rented out. Topping out the basket is the cold and dreary weather here lately.

Since starting this journey I've enjoyed some really high moments and things seemed to be getting better, but today it is taking many sharp drops and corners that has been really putting the pain in me and my body.

I had a chance to talk with a few who have been guiding me onto the right path and was somewhat bewilder by the things I seen. One person was thinking about wanting to make more money and jump ship from a job that supports him well and he enjoys. Another seemed concerned about the money they were spending on an adoption process, and still another (me) was only thinking about the money period.

What is up with everyone and money?

Since I've been sick and trying to work my new job I only have seemed to go backwards. The money I do make barely covers for the food and some of the medical supplies and I don't even have rent or utilities to pay. I have really started to look back and believe that before this all started I may have been better off.

You may ask yourself, "Is he going to give up?", and I will answer, "NO WAY!"

You see I prayed for those today that I had talked with and hoped they may find other things to think about other than trying to make that pile of money bigger for retirement. I also prayed that all of the small aches and pains I may be suffering may end soon and that I'll be in a warm place to stay soon.

I must admit it has been tough and tonight many questions arose, but I will continue to struggle on.

I've been normally working late at night so I could stay inside the library to keep warm and more comfortable, but tonight I chose to get back to working on my new life with Jesus. Tonight I'm taking that walk with Jesus and trying to imagine Him setting and walking right next to me.

Yea, I'm a little upset about the roller coaster ride but I'm estatic about what it will produce in the long run.

So "Rescue" me Jesus.


Joshua said...

Keep going, Scott. You have whole church's praying for you.
Peace and love to you, my brother.

Scott said...

Thanks joshua

It hasn't been easy but I'm not going to give up