Saturday, November 24, 2007

Been a Long Time, Long Time!!

Still hangin in there and trying stay with it. Its been really tough trying to stay healthy physically and spiritually. I've been back on the hill for awhile and still trying to keep my health problems in control. The bills were only just mounting up and my mental state was taking a huge dip. I've still hung in there with Our Father but it has been tough to. There are days I just want to give it all up (more like hours).

I'm working with a friend from K2 The Church doing eBay listings and just opened up my own eBay store, iAuction Depot, this week. Not much for sales yet, but I will continue to Pray that this will be what God wishes me to do. The work brings me joy while also trying my patience.

Tonight Romans 12:2 is working on me and I really need to bring it closer to me. Just not conforming to what is going on in this world is really tough, but hey living outside, I guess, is not conforming. Right?

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and see you soon.


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