Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Battle

Yea, been a few weeks here of just fighting it out. No, that evil person isn't winning, it is, and always will be, Jesus! This battle of depression has gotten me down for a few days, but will not overcome the power of our Lord.

Back to James, this book is just awesome. The bible study I'm in wanted me to read straight through it, then go back for the studies. Well heck, I couldn't make it within 4 days. I kept on stopping and reflecting every couple of verses. Oh yea, it is powerful (or is it He is powerful).

This weekend is going to be great! Can you believe that this guy gave His blood for us?

I had a discussion last night with this girl who said, "Yea, I'm going to heaven because I've been good." When I explained to her how and why, she just was awed. She thanked me for bringing this to light and said, "Its time for me to get back with my friend." Oh YEA!

Have you hugged Jesus today?

It has been a couple weeks of NCAA basketball and everyone was yelling, clapping, raising there arms with great joy. Well, I was doing this, and our team kept on getting stronger. Every time we hit the floor, the opponent took off running for the door. Oh by the way, that photo is of Steele Croswhite, a real huge fan of the team.

Well its baseball time and last Sunday our Pastor, Dave, was just blessed with a real powerful hit. "Rock Bands and Rasin' Hands" just made everyone want to get up a yell for their favorite. This lady setting a couple of seats over, just reached over and grabbed and said, "Woooo, this is just awesome!" It was her first time at K2 and I'm sure she'll be back with others.

Well haven't gave out a tune for awhile so here it goes. It goes out to a real tough player in the Word. Mike, just came out of surgery yesterday from a ripped Achilles tendon. Yea, he's not the real singer here, but they really did a great job of putting this video together. YouTube's download leaves some to desire, because of the sync, but David Crowder thought it was good enough to put it up during one of their gigs on the big screen.

Huge Detroit Tiger Fan letting everyone know who the real coach is. (Dave, K2 pastor)


Thomas said...

Hang in there, Scott. The weather's getting warmer and with God, all things are possible.

Scott said...

I've tried to post but Blogger doesn't seem to be putting it up. I'll be praying that I can return to posting here more in the next few days.